Tuesday, August 6, 2013

LinkedIn introduces new in-depth Company Page Analytics!

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LinkedIn introduces a new in depth analytics tool for LinkedIn company pages, which offers deep insights for LinkedIn Pages.

LinkedIn new in depth company page analytics

Among the new features, you'll find in depth insights about interaction of each one of your posts and updates. You'll be able to see audience type, general impression, clicks, total interactions, followers acquired and overall engagement. These new insight will enable pages to understand which of there posts are most relevant to their followers and according to that make similar posts in the future. On of the most important features is the Followers Acquired column, since acquiring new followers is a very important goal for every company. 

LinkedIn new in depth company page analytics Posts engagement

Another nice feature is the the Reach and Engagement graphs which give a very clear and informative picture of how your page is preforming and how people are reaching your page. There is a clear separation between sponsored and organic audience, both in reach and engagement.

LinkedIn new in depth company page analytics reach and engagmanet

Followers trends shows a quick graph of how many followers you acquired in a specific time range - today, yesterday, last 7/15/30 days, this month / last month or during a custom time range.  
LinkedIn new in depth company page analytics followers trends
The followers tab shows a quick view of Total followers and whether they are Organic or Acquired followers. As before, you can also see the demographics of your followers.

LinkedIn new in depth company page analytics followers type
A very interesting new feature is the How you compare tab, which gives an important insight to how your page compares to other pages in your field. This tool is great for big and small companies who'd like to see how they compare with competing companies in terms of total followers.
LinkedIn new in depth company page analytics how you compare


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